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IDA (Indirect Access):

Net-Telco's Indirect Access Code (IDA) reduces your call cost with out any expenditure

Simply prefix the number you want to dial with our IDA code 18844 and you will be charged at our low IDA call rates with no loss of quality.

IDA from your phone system

IDA can be used with any virtually phone system.  To get started just prefix your calls with 18844. Most phone systems have a facility to set a prefix code that will automatically added to outgoing calls.  This facility is often call LCR (Least Cost Routing).  Once in place your calls will be routed through us and charged by us. 

IDA from your landline

You can use IDA from any landline by prefixing your calls with 18844. 

How do I start using it?

Create an account with Net-Telco, add the landline number(s) will be calling from to your account, topup with credit and your ready to start making calls.

How much does it cost?

You will only be charged for the cost of the calls.  calls made by IDA cost 0.88p per minute above our VoIP call rates. See our call rates page for a full list.