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International Call Gateway:

Low cost international and UK premium rate calls and free 0800 calls from your mobile phone

Why pay extra when you don't have to...

Mobiles are cheap until you want to call an international number or a UK free phone number.  Our international calling gateway can significantly reduce your costs.

International calls

Why pay your mobile operator extortionate rates for international calls?  With Net-Telco you don't have to.  Take advantage of our International Call Gateway and make your calls at our low rates.  View our call rates.

UK 08xx premium rate calls

Mobile providers charge a fortune to call 08xx numbers.  With Net-Telco's International Call gateway you pay the same rates as you would from a landline.

UK 0800 freephone calls

Why aren't freephone calls free from mobiles?  With Net-Telco they are.  Use our international Call gateway and make free calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers. Visit our Free Phone Mobile Gateway page for more details.

How can I start using it?

Simply create a free account here: Net-Telco account signup.  Top-up your account with credit.  Add the telephone number of the mobile you are going to use to your account (you can add more than one).  Then call our International Call Gateway on 033 022 011 00 and dial your destination number when prompted. 

Please note you need to topup your credit before you can use this service even if calling a UK freephone number.  However you won't be charged for calls to UK freephone numbers.

android Use Net-Telco's free mobile phone app NetTelcoMG for easier access.

What does it cost?

You just pay for the cost of the call to your destination or nothing if its a UK free phone number.  Calling the International Gateway from your mobile is the same as calling a UK 01/02 geographical number and is included as part of your mobile contract minutes.

View our full call rates.